How The Internet Changed My Life



For me, the internet is life. It’s an endless abyss that my life revolves around. I wake up, I check the internet. I see something funny, I modify it using the internet. I share what I modified, using the internet. If I need to learn how to do something, I just use the internet. It’s like life can’t go one without the internet.

So it’s obvious that my life is changed by the internet. But the most important part of my life that relies on the internet, is humor. My two main examples: memes (which my life revolves around) and video editing (a hobby I now have because of this class).



Part of the reason I love memes is because it is one way people come together and can put expression into their words. When Harambe was at it’s peak in meme history, I honestly made new friends by creating and sharing my own little version of the meme. Friends by memes. And that wouldn’t be possible without the internet.

This class taught me how I can use the internet even more to my advantage(changing my life even further). I never thought I would ever want to keep a blog or edit videos, but that’s completely changed now. There is a lot of hate behind the internet and how it causes distractions (cough reason for the beginning part of my video cough). But, it provides endless connections, opportunities, and ways to be creative. You can make your own story with a few clicks.

Now thanks to this class and the internet, here is a new video (in honor of the new star wars coming out) that I could not have created without the world wide web.



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