Best of 106

  So I decided to do something a little different… There are lot’s of posts and I can’t just pick 3. So I went through some of the daily creates and picked out my top 5. I honestly think the daily create’s have some of the better works because I believe it reflects more of […]

Dailey Create Story

Once Upon A Time, a girl decided to write. And the reason she wanted to write was because she thought she was funny when she did (10.20). But, sometimes she wrote poetry that wasn’t as funny as it was beautiful. Her favorite we’re haikus. She would use her haiku skills to talk about things like […]

Buzzfeed Personality Quiz

Which Meme Are You?? via @buzzfeeders — Katie Melhuish (@katie_melhuish) October 22, 2016 For this assignment, I created a Buzzfeed Personality Quiz that determines what meme you are. As a lover of memes I picked my top three: Condescending Wonka, Bad Luck Bryan, and Harambe. Now, I’m a sucker for these quizzes and memes […]

Create Your Own Room

As an active user of Pinterest, I loved this assignment. Thanks to the Internet, I’m constantly looking at clothes, food, shoes, jewelry, and houses I would love to have, but alas I probably never will. But, a girl can dream and this is my dream room. It’s surprisingly pretty lavish for my taste but I […]

Radio Listen

My favorite radio show, not surprisingly, was the show about the memes. As a lover of all things that are memes or meme related, I thought the show was perfect from start to finish. I thought the actual content of the show was very fun and informative. The way each one was described was accurate […]