Weekly Summary

Well that meme is exactly how I feel about this whole week. Not just for this class but all of them.. Talk about busy and stressful!!

As far as digital storytelling goes, it was surprisingly a challenge. Other than Facebook, imgur, Pinterest, and Instagram, I don’t use a lot of social media or different sites. Figuring out how stuff works was frustrating. With that being said, I have a better idea of what the rest of the semester is going to be like and I am determined to be more on top of everything so I can master the art of story telling digitally.

Something I enjoyed though was blogging! I have never had a blog before or a website with my own name. It’s pretty exciting and I like having my own creative working space.

I’m still confused on some of the aspects of this course, like working the website, how to add things to my blog, how long it takes to post something, and if I am even doing this right.

I want to do well in this class and I want to enjoy what I learn and create. So despite the stress I had early this week and today, I’m starting to feel more like this: 




The Internet



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