Weekly Assessment

I loved this week.

Not only did I love the daily creates I did but I LOVE the radio show me and my group made!

From the idea to the actual content, we rocked it.

I didn’t struggle at all with Audacity or anything. Audio is actually my favorite media that we have done thus far so I was more than happy to return to it. For my group I was more than happy to make extra bumpers or commercials because I have so much fun making them!

The only thing I did struggle with was my voice. I got the flu this week (I swear I can’t catch a break) so I’ve been stuffing and coughing and sound like the mess I really am. But, with lots of water and soup, I got my voice to a decent enough spot to record!


Daily Create 10/10

Daily Create 10/11


Radio Show Progress 2

Radio Show

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