Weekly Assessment 3


That was me this week.

Part of me enjoyed learning more about photography, something I have never spent time doing nor was talented at. There’s so much going on “behind the scenes” when it comes to taking a great photo. The knowledge I have now have in reference to the process behind taking that breathtaking shot makes me give a lot more respect to photographers and even photography as an art. I don’t think I’ll be able to just look at a photo and think, “Oh, that’s cool” anymore.

The other part of me wanted to (and at times did) scream at my computer. Photoshop is pretty tricky… and addictive. I want to keep watching tutorials to get better at the process. Imgur, a website I go on quite often, had a user named ANewBadlyPhotoshoppedPhotoofMichealCeraEveryday who delivered by posting the same picture of Micheal Cera photoshopped somewhere else everyday. At first, his name was accurate; the photoshopping was terrible. But, by the end of the year he became an absolute master. People would comment joking that he should change his name to ANewAmazinglyPhotoshoppedPhotoofMichealCeraEveryday. Who knows, maybe I can get to that level.

It still baffles me how I can truly express myself and be creative.. for a class. I love it.

However, this week I definitely got behind. The online class just completely slips my mind but I think I learned my lesson this week because not only do I want a good grade, but I want my assignments and creative projects to end up being exactly how I envisioned them. For that to happen, I’ll have to spend some more time and be more on top of my work.

Also, does anyone know how to add an image to the homepage of their blog? I don’t want it as the background, but instead right underneath the title and description. Thanks!

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