Think About Audio Storytelling

In my opinion, the people who claim the radio is “outdated” and  “old” and “boring” are completely wrong. It’s one of my favorite forms of storytelling. Nothing is better than getting in my car for a long road trip and turning RadioLab on. The different topics and descriptions, as well as the sound effects, bring the story to life in one of the best ways. And what’s so great about it? My mind completes the rest of the story making it perfect. With a movie, you might not like the way someone looks, or the facial expressions the actor uses. But the radio, you get to fill in those puzzle pieces. It’s like what Jad said about giving the listener the paint brush… you create the rest of the picture. I took a communications class in high school, and we listened to the H.G. Wells War Of The Worlds. That was absolutely incredible. And part of the reason it caused such a panic? People let their own minds get the best of them. It truly convinced me that the radio is one of best and most unappreciated forms of story telling.

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  1. I’ve never heard of RadioLab before but your post has me intrigued to find it! Great post!

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