Radio Show Ideas

If you have looked at my blog before you’ll notice something about me…

I really like memes.

So why not dedicate a radio show to them? It could be titled “Memes: How Did They Start And Where Are they now?” and the whole show would be going into details how the events that created legends and their life after.

For Example:

Success kid: What was he “Yes!”-ing about? How old is he now? How did being success kid change his success? I mean, being a famous meme sounds pretty successful to me..

Overly Attached Girlfriend: Why did she look so crazy? What was she doing? Is she still overly attached?

Bad Luck Brian: What made him decide to wear that dank sweater vest? Did the camera flash on 2 during the countdown? Does he still have bad luck?

Harambe: Just kidding, we all know how that story ends (May He Rest In Peace).

All of these questions and more would be answered, making your knowledge of memes over 9000.


2 Replies to “Radio Show Ideas”

  1. I love this idea! You can take it almost anywhere, from the history of memes to emerging memes.

  2. I wonder what an audio meme would be like. Is it a thing? Could we make it one?

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