Radio Listen

My favorite radio show, not surprisingly, was the show about the memes. As a lover of all things that are memes or meme related, I thought the show was perfect from start to finish.

I thought the actual content of the show was very fun and informative. The way each one was described was accurate and I enjoyed that they did their best to give examples even though we couldn’t actually see the meme. During the live feed I did my best to tweet examples as well.. but lets be honest I’m always looking for a reason to tweet memes.

The highlight of the show was definitely the guest appearance of Ryan Gosling. Although the “Ain’t nobody got time for that” song was lovely, Ryan Gosling is #1 and wins it all. That was such a clever and fun idea. To me, it made the show more realistic because there was an actual interview with Ryan Gosling.

One thing I think that could’ve been improved were the commercials. ¬†They were really great but I feel could’ve sound more realistic.

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