Topography! I love this style of writing. Because of the font, the ‘setting’ is obvious. It’s old and it’s European. My family is very Irish so this type of elegant is found everywhere in my home. Also, I’d like to draw attention to the detail in the uppercased letter. It gives the piece so much more depth and drama.



Color! I mean look how much that pops!! But in this design I think the use of so many bright highlighter colors makes it look childish. That’s probably what they are going for since kids love candy (and so do I). Plus it certainly caught my attention.

Unity! How perfect right? This not only symbolizes a relationship (two people) being united since the two people are kissing, but notice that they are completely connected in a loop? I found this little sculpture in Charleston and think it is so interesting. This might sound cheesy, but the two people are united with love!


Balance! Fun fact about me, I love blankets… Especially blankets with cool patterns and designs! The one thing I love about the blanket is that the intricate patterns are always mirrored of reflected, making it balanced.

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