letter-to-mom-english letter-to-mom-chinese

What says I love you more than a letter in another language? Well, a lot of things since my mom can’t read Chinese.

All jokes aside, I decided to do this assignment because the last two weeks have been hell. Life decided to take a massive dump on me and broke down. I needed my mom. And like always, she was there. She took care of me and took me to about 3 different doctors while I was sick and coughing up blood from pneumonia. She drove my family’s extra car down when my decided to break on the way back to school. She did my laundry (the most important thing here obviously). I know I have taken my parents for granted many times. But at the end of the day, I have the best mom in the world and wanted to type a little of that appreciation up… even if the final product was in Chinese (after I typed up my copy I just sent it through google translate and voila).

And now I’m actually going to give my mom a call and tell her I love her.

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