No Music – Music Video REMIXED

This assignment was AWESOME! I already liked the original a lot, but then the remixed version blew me away. The original was to create a voice over for a music video, and the remix wanted me to add some your momma jokes.

So, I downloaded a video editor and got to work. I wanted my video to look dramatic, which was quiet the opposite of the actual content of it. What’s more dramatic than Miley Cyrus crying and swinging on a wrecking ball naked? Exactly. I downloaded the video, uploaded it into my editor, and muted the music. Next up I needed the voice over… which was one of the hardest parts. I wanted the words to line up but each time I just ended up singing the your momma jokes, which was awkward. But what was even more awkward was crying Miley Cyrus and my voice together. Listening to it made me very uncomfortable, thus more editing. I added the audio of the guys freaking out from Rap Battles (famous gif/meme) after each yo momma insult, as well as air horns at the beginning and end. Expect, that wasn’t enough. I know it says no music… but I needed some music to make it not-so-creepy. I decided to go with a nice upbeat ukulele, because that totally fits with crying Miley Cyrus and yo momma jokes right?

I had so much fun doing the project… except for the end. When my masterpiece had a nice big watermark slapped over it because I didn’t buy the software. Obviously the only logical thing to do in this situation was to convince myself I needed the software and now I’m $60 poorer.



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