Make A Maze


One thing about me is that I LOVE mazes and puzzles. So this assignment was perfect! I didn’t want a plain old maze so I spiced it up be adding (and embarrassing) one of my close friends! So complete the maze to help Sydney get to the pizza!

To make this maze I went online to a website that automatically created it for you. I decided to do it this way because if the edges didn’t match up or if it was too easy I would’ve gotten very irritated. This way, I got an instant masterpiece by putting in the dimensions I wanted my maze to be. Next up I added some pictures. I found the most embarrassing selfie of Sydney I had, cropped only her face out, then stuck it in front of the entrance to the maze. I also added a speech bubble so you understand the purpose of the maze. Then, I added a yummy looking slice of pepperoni pizza at the end of the maze. But, I wanted to make my maze a little more challenging visually, so I added a checker board picture in front of it, and made it a little more transparent so it actually looked like it was behind the maze. And tada! A glorious maze.

Here’s the solution to you lazy people: maze-solution

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