Im Ready For My Close Up … Tutorial

This assignment is super easy todo, you just need an idea and the ability to edit an image.

I actually got my idea from the famous movie scene assignment, and decided to use the close up of Laurence Fishburne’s face from the matrix. But instead of Nero reflecting, who would be there? Only the most terrifying creatures on the planet… My Little Ponies. And boom, half of the work is done.

Now, go consult google for the images and copy them into a Word Document. I’m about to make your life super easy. Set the┬áLaurence Fishburne’s face picture so its in the back and then copy in the MLP picture so it is on top. If the picture is selected then “Picture Format” should pop up in the tool bar. There is a scroll bar of different formats, choose the oval. Resize the oval so it fits over Laurence Fishburne’s glass’s lens. Copy the oval picture, paste, and place it over the other lens.

Screen shot that beauty so it turns into a picture, crop out the excess, and you did it!


im-ready-for-my-close-upp f214f48656b6a8f9f0cd6f69d298ebb0 im-ready-for-my-close-up

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