Create A Silly Movie Poster


So, how about a collaboration between Fifty Shades Of Grey and The Grey?

I recently saw a post with the most recent Fifty Shade’s Of Grey movie trailer. In the trailer it attempted to be dark and dramatic, so I thought, “Self, let’s make 50 Shades Of Grey a few shades darker.” Thus, enter Liam Neeson and his pack of hungry man eating wolves!

I made this Visual Assignment after my movie Scene Assignment and it was actually much less difficult. I think I’ve gotten the hang of photoshop a bit more, although I am still a complete amateur. Searching for photos that could be easily cropped was probably the most difficult part.

Now, I’m dreaming of what this actual movie would be like and what other little things I can photoshop and create. I know how addictive the Internet can be when it comes to videos, memes, etc. But it just got a little more addictive now that I have photoshop.

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