Buzzfeed Personality Quiz

For this assignment, I created a Buzzfeed Personality Quiz that determines what meme you are.

As a lover of memes I picked my top three: Condescending Wonka, Bad Luck Bryan, and Harambe. Now, I’m a sucker for these quizzes and memes so this combination is perfection.

To make the quiz I had to make a Buzzfeed account. That was honestly the hardest part because it refused to link me to my Twitter for a very long time. Once I was in, I went to create a post. They have many option to choose from but since I was making a quiz, I chose quiz. There were different quiz options and I picked personality.

Then you begin. First, you must select what your personality answers will be. I gave each answer a name, an image, and a small description. From there, you select your question, and your answers. For the answers there are different choices. You can do a picture or a text. But no matter what type of answer you select, you must assign each answer to a corresponding personality match.

Write out as many questions/answers as you want and boom. You have yourself a quiz!

And I got Harambe. Big surprise.

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