A Day In The Life Of Your Character

What a process.

So this is the first time I have EVER done anything with audio.



I surprisingly love audio much more than I do visual. Audacity was tough to use but it was MUCH easier than photoshop. Plus I feel like you can tell more of a story and do more things with audio than a picture.

For this assignment to become a celebrity and explain my daily life, I wanted to tie it into Internet theme. I’m trying to stay consistent (although you may think it’s getting old.. to that I say TOO BAD) and I picked to be Harambe. Again, memes would not be around if it wasn’t for the Internet and memes are now a huge part of the Internet. Every time there is an event in the news, new memes are created (Example: Jennifer Anniston as a meme in reaction to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting a divorce).

So I hope you enjoy my funny, yet dark, take on the the everyday (or final day) of his life.

To make this masterpiece, I had my friends help my by making different sound effects, like shouting and swishing and overlapped the sounds with the dialogue. ENJOY!

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