Dailey Create Story

Once Upon A Time, a girl decided to write. And the reason she wanted to write was because she thought she was funny when she did (10.20). But, sometimes she wrote poetry that wasn’t as funny as it was beautiful. Her favorite we’re haikus. She would use her haiku skills to talk about things like pebbles, ink, The Daily Create, and weather (10.19). It was art. And it was beautiful. But, her beautiful and funny writings were threatened by a fierce enemy… Airplane noises… The girl was scared for she could not make a beautiful or funny airplane noises because she was sick and dying. What would she do? How could she remain funny? All of the sudden a mighty warrior came down and gave her a solution. Youtube gave her the noises she needed to be funny and beautiful. A video of a baby…. scared of it;s mother making airplane noises… because that’s funny and babies are beautiful (10.18). The girl was saved and could go pack to her writing. And she lived happily ever after. The End.

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