Week 8

Week 8… Where do I begin. I had a very fun time listening to the radio broadcasts. I think everyone did a great job and we should really be proud of ourselves. I also really enjoyed going through and picking which posts I like. It’s really fun to see what other people create or do. […]

Weekly Assessment 5

And that’s a wrap. I can’t believe another week is done! Time flies! I’m still really enjoying this class and everything I am learning. I have to say the Audio week is still my favorite week, but design has been interesting! I’m a little nervous about this upcoming weeks and it’s assignments but I will […]

Weekly Assessment 3

That was me this week. Part of me enjoyed learning more about photography, something I have never spent time doing nor was talented at. There’s so much going on “behind the scenes” when it comes to taking a great photo. The knowledge I have now have in reference to the process behind taking that breathtaking […]