Becoming A Better Photographer

Examples of excellent photography:   Selection Contrast Perspective (my obvious favorite) Depth Balance Moment Lighting Foreground/ Background (another obvious favorite)

Photo Reflection

I always thought photography was so interesting. When Instagram first came out I remember trying to be “arsty” but I was never good at it. If you were to open my camera roll today it would look insanely different compared to my camera roll a few years ago. Now a days, I take more pictures […]

A Logic Named Joe

Why were authors in the early to mid 1900s so accurate when predicting the future and technological advances? This article reminded me of the book “Brave New World” that was written in the 30’s. It described fictional items that we now have today, like helicopters and cloning. I actually find it very terrifying. I believe […]

Web 2.o Storytelling

Alexander’s points in “Web 2.o Storytelling” definitely made me rethink my personal definition of storytelling. The picture that comes to mind when I hear the word storytelling is sitting down with a group and having a speaker recall the events of a situation. Whether it be fictional or nonfictional, I have always thought of it […]

The Internet

I think the article did a fantastic job bringing up the issues we have with the internet. The internet we have today is completely centralized from the government and corporations. I find myself only going on the same sites over and over again and being wrapped up in our biased media. Even when doing a […]


Hi, my name is Katie Melhuish. I love my cat, Leo, and memes. #rip #neverforget #muchcute #wow #someow #suchfluffy   Ready for some Digital Storytelling!! #ds106 — Katie Melhuish (@katie_melhuish) September 2, 2016 I haven’t use Twitter in a few years so this will be interesting. Halloween is my favorite holiday!