Best of 106

  So I decided to do something a little different… There are lot’s of posts and I can’t just pick 3. So I went through some of the daily creates and picked out my top 5. I honestly think the daily create’s have some of the better works because I believe it reflects more of […]

Radio Listen

My favorite radio show, not surprisingly, was the show about the memes. As a lover of all things that are memes or meme related, I thought the show was perfect from start to finish. I thought the actual content of the show was very fun and informative. The way each one was described was accurate […]

Radio Show Progress 2

We did it! All done and it sounds amazing. I was very nervous to do this assignment because group projects can often time be chaotic. You can have people completely take over or people not do anything at all… That was not the case for my group!! We are FABULOUS. Everyone worked super hard and […]


Topography! I love this style of writing. Because of the font, the ‘setting’ is obvious. It’s old and it’s European. My family is very Irish so this type of elegant is found everywhere in my home. Also, I’d like to draw attention to the detail in the uppercased letter. It gives the piece so much […]


Once again, I’m amazed. From photography to audio to now design, I knew there was a lot of thought put into a work of art, but I’m again amazed to see just how much is being done. When I started reading Canon I was baffled out the fact that design even has an outline.. Semantic, […]

Moon Graffiti

This. Was. Amazing. Where do I begin? The passion and feeling in the actor’s voices. The difference in recording voices. The space “music” and sounds. I thought this was really well done it made it clear that the setting was space and a very intense environment. And to think they portrayed this through a few […]

Think About Audio Storytelling

In my opinion, the people who claim the radio is “outdated” and  “old” and “boring” are completely wrong. It’s one of my favorite forms of storytelling. Nothing is better than getting in my car for a long road trip and turning RadioLab on. The different topics and descriptions, as well as the sound effects, bring […]

Radio Show Ideas

If you have looked at my blog before you’ll notice something about me… I really like memes. So why not dedicate a radio show to them? It could be titled “Memes: How Did They Start And Where Are they now?” and the whole show would be going into details how the events that created legends […]