Customize A Pair Of Shoes

Well hot diggity dog… I don’t know about you but I’d buy these shoes in an instant. I definitely turned a whole lot of nothing into a whole lot of something. My inspiration to these custom shoes is a combination between the Disney movies I just watched, and Miley Cyrus. I went online to find […]

Make A Maze

One thing about me is that I LOVE mazes and puzzles. So this assignment was perfect! I didn’t want a plain old maze so I spiced it up be adding (and embarrassing) one of my close friends! So complete the maze to help Sydney get to the pizza! To make this maze I went online […]

Missing Person

For this assignment I had to make a missing person’s poster. I was going to keep the theme of Harambe going but seeing that he’s dead and not missing, that might’ve been a little too ridiculous. Thus my replacement was Kayne West. To make this glorious poster, I took a missing person poster off of […]

Celebrity Speed Dating

Another very simple assignment. I used my friend to record our interaction. I was plain old regular me, and she was the one and only, TSwizzle (Taylor Swift). I feel like Taylor Swift also pertains a lot to the internet just because of the active use of social media has really put her and her […]

Moon Graffiti

This. Was. Amazing. Where do I begin? The passion and feeling in the actor’s voices. The difference in recording voices. The space “music” and sounds. I thought this was really well done it made it clear that the setting was space and a very intense environment. And to think they portrayed this through a few […]

Think About Audio Storytelling

In my opinion, the people who claim the radio is “outdated” and  “old” and “boring” are completely wrong. It’s one of my favorite forms of storytelling. Nothing is better than getting in my car for a long road trip and turning RadioLab on. The different topics and descriptions, as well as the sound effects, bring […]

Radio Show Ideas

If you have looked at my blog before you’ll notice something about me… I really like memes. So why not dedicate a radio show to them? It could be titled “Memes: How Did They Start And Where Are they now?” and the whole show would be going into details how the events that created legends […]