Make A Maze

One thing about me is that I LOVE mazes and puzzles. So this assignment was perfect! I didn’t want a plain old maze so I spiced it up be adding (and embarrassing) one of my close friends! So complete the maze to help Sydney get to the pizza! To make this maze I went online […]

Missing Person

For this assignment I had to make a missing person’s poster. I was going to keep the theme of Harambe going but seeing that he’s dead and not missing, that might’ve been a little too ridiculous. Thus my replacement was Kayne West. To make this glorious poster, I took a missing person poster off of […]

Celebrity Speed Dating

Another very simple assignment. I used my friend to record our interaction. I was plain old regular me, and she was the one and only, TSwizzle (Taylor Swift). I feel like Taylor Swift also pertains a lot to the internet just because of the active use of social media has really put her and her […]