Celebrity Speed Dating

Another very simple assignment. I used my friend to record our interaction. I was plain old regular me, and she was the one and only, TSwizzle (Taylor Swift). I feel like Taylor Swift also pertains a lot to the internet just because of the active use of social media has really put her and her […]

Moon Graffiti

This. Was. Amazing. Where do I begin? The passion and feeling in the actor’s voices. The difference in recording voices. The space “music” and sounds. I thought this was really well done it made it clear that the setting was space and a very intense environment. And to think they portrayed this through a few […]

Think About Audio Storytelling

In my opinion, the people who claim the radio is “outdated” and  “old” and “boring” are completely wrong. It’s one of my favorite forms of storytelling. Nothing is better than getting in my car for a long road trip and turning RadioLab on. The different topics and descriptions, as well as the sound effects, bring […]